Brake Services

Brake Services

Your vehicle's braking system is very important for your safety because it allows your wheels to stop when you need them to. The brakes operate on a hydraulic system that begins with brake fluid located in the engine compartment. When you push the brake pedal, hydraulic pressure builds and is transferred to each wheel to push the brake shoes against the drums and then presses the pads against the rotors. This friction slows the vehicle in proportion to the force applied to the brake pedal. Routine brake inspections and maintenance help to ensure that your vehicle's brakes operate as designed at all times.

Brake Fluid Flush Service

For the best performance, your brake fluid should be flushed and replaced about every 30 months/30,000 miles or based on your vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

Front & Rear Brake Service

We can perform all types of front and rear brake services including replacement of brake drums, shoes, calipers, pads, hoses, master brake cylinder, wheel cylinders, proportioning valve and Anti-Lock Brake (ABS) unit.

Turn Brake Rotors and Drums

Turning the rotors and drums extends their life. This also ensures even wear over time.
Brake Services in St. Johnsbury, Vermont

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