Headlight Services

Headlight Services

90% of driving decisions are made based on what you can see through the windshield, making well-maintained wiper blades very important. Light bulbs that operate properly are also extremely important to your safety. Headlights and tail lights provide visibility at night while also making your presence from a distance known to other drivers. Brake lights and blinkers function as signals to other drivers so they can anticipate your actions, keeping everyone safe on the road.

Headlight Inspection and Replacement Service

We will inspect your vehicle for non-functioning headlights, brake lights, tail lights, and blinkers; and replace all non-functioning lights with new bulbs.

Headlight Restoration Service

Over time, UV rays, road debris and chemicals, acid rain, and other elements can leave plastic headlights dull, yellowed, and cloudy. This greatly reduces how effective your headlights perform and creates hazardous driving conditions at night. The restoration service removes all headlight build-up and restores them to like-new condition.

Wiper Blade Replacement Service

The soft rubber that makes up windshield wipers breaks down over time and loses effectiveness. Worn or damaged windshield wipers can pose a serious safety hazard by reducing visibility. To be safe, wiper blades should be replaced every 6-9 months.
Headlight Services in St. Johnsbury, Vermont

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