Top Buying FAQ

Top Buying Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true buyers get a better deal by waiting until the end of the month?
Absolutely Not. At St J Auto we give great deals on day one, continue through mid month all the way through the end of the month. The manufacturer incentives and rebates come out at the beginning of every month. This means that in most cases, we can offer you the same deal on the 1st as we can on the 31st. 

Why would we wait to earn your business, and why should you wait to get a great deal on a great vehicle.
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Can some dealers sell for less than others?
That’s what a lot of dealers would like you to think, but it’s not true. So what sets us a part from other dealers.

It’s simple, St J Auto has low prices on GMC Trucks because we choose to sell them for less. We sell for less with the belief that that by giving a great deal on a great vehicle, we have an opportunity to see you back on your next purchase.

It’s not what we buy our trucks for that sets us apart, it’s what we sell them for that does.
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